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Frequently asked questions


How can I add photos or text to my collage?
Click to add photos to your collage. You can select multiple photos at once. You can also drag images onto the canvas. Click to add text to your collage.
So called stickers (images and emojis to brighten up your collage) can be added via the -button.
How can I rotate, move or change the size of objects?
You can move an object by dragging it. You select an object by clicking on it, it becomes active and a number of small blue circles appears around it. Use the small circles on the edges of the object to scale it. By default, scaling via the 4 circles on the corners will scale while preserving aspect ratio. Keep [Shift] pressed while dragging these corners to scale without preserving aspect ratio. Use the blue circle above the object to rotate it.
I want to highlight a detail of a photo on canvas.
You can zoom in to a specific area of a photo on the canvas. Select the photo you want to modify (click on it). Press the + key to zoom in (press - to zoom back out). Hold [Alt], then drag the photo to change the area of the photo that is shown within its frame. You can do the same on the keyboard: Hold [Alt], then use the cursor keys to move the photo within its frame.
Alternatively, click More, then Zoom & Pan to accomplish the same.
How can I set a background for my collage?
Click Collage, then Set background. You can then set a single color or gradient as the background, choose one of the backgrounds in our library, or you can use your own background image.
How can I start a new collage?
You can start a new collage and clear the previous one via Collage » Clear canvas.
What actions are available for an object?
When you select an object, a number of standard actions become visible in the toolbar directly above the canvas. With these buttons you can perform actions on your objects. Click more to call up other actions for the object.
You can also double-click on an object to call up the most commonly used action for that type of object.
How can I edit multiple objects at once?
By selecting an area on your collage, you can select multiple objects. You can also do this via [Shift]-click. Then you can rotate, move, etc. such a group of objects. Other actions (e.g. shapes, borders, transparency, changing filters) can also be applied to all objects in a group.
How can I swap photos?
Click to swap photos. By selecting two photos, they will be swapped while retaining their individual characteristics (shape, border, filter, etc.).
How do I use templates?
Once you've put some photos on the canvas, you can organize them into a collage yourself, or you can use one of our pre-defined templates. The quickest way is to use the Auto collage button: your photos are immediately arranged in such a way that the entire canvas is filled. You can click this button several times for different layouts.
The second way to automatically create a collage is via the Template button. A list of collage templates will appear, where you can choose one. If you don't have enough photos for a template, you can then add new photos and select the chosen template again. If you have too many photos in your collage for the chosen template, the excess photos will be placed at the top of the canvas, highlighted by a red border. These photos will not be used in your final collage when you save it, but you can use them to swap photos, for example.
How can I copy an object?
You can copy an object by choosing the command clone object (found in the more menu). The active image, text or sticker will be copied.
Why does my image not appear on the canvas?
We accept almost every possible photo with a gif, jpg, or png extension. If a photo is not shown, the photo file is almost certainly corrupted.
How can I skew objects or create slanted objects?
You can skew an object by keeping the Shift button pressed while moving the small circles in the middle of the edge of the object.
Can I specify the canvas size via an URL argument?
Yes, you can, using the size argument:
Note: maximum width is 2000, maximum height is 2000.


You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to perform actions on photos, texts and stickers, and the collage as a whole.

◄ ▲ ▼ ► Move object [CTRL] ◄ ► Rotate object D [Shift] D Half/Double size of object
+ - Zoom object [Alt] ◄ ▲ ▼ ► Pan-move object R Reset object
H Center horizontally V Center vertically [CTRL] C Clone object
B [Shift] B Send backward/Send to back F [Shift] F Bring forward/Bring to front Delete Delete object
[CTRL] A Select all objects Esc Clear selection
[CTRL] P Print collage [CTRL] S Save collage

Touch devices

How can I move photos and text via a touch screen?
If you select an object with 1 finger you can drag (move) the object. If you select an object with 2 fingers you can scale and rotate it.